Stay connected, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based business telephone service you can take with you.

Up to 93% of customer interaction happens on your telephone.

With a percentage that high, you need a reliable business phone service. More importantly, you need to be available anywhere, not just when you’re in the office.
Zenith provides a cloud-based telephone system, so you can receive and make calls from your business number on your desk phone, cell phone, or laptop. Like all of our other solutions, it’s enterprise-grade, so you’re getting the best service possible.

Cloud-Based Connection

 A cloud-based system gives you a strong connection from anywhere. Whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or working with a vendor, you can take those important calls.

Zenith empowers you to decide when to take a call and when to follow up later. The power of that choice means you get to focus on your customer as needed.

Trouble-free Troubleshooting

Zenith wants to ensure high-quality call strength for all our customers. If there are ever issues, we’ll take care of them at no extra cost to you. Most important of all, you’ll always get a local person on the line when you call for help.

Enterprise-grade, Without Enterprise Prices

Our services are all engineered for small businesses. We want to deliver the highest quality at a price that won’t cut into your bottom line. Like all our services, our phone service is enterprise-grade, so you can rely on it.

Make sure your customers can reach you.