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  1. After logging into https://mywifiguy.simplelogin.net in Microsoft Edge, click Hosted PBX on the left.
  2. Click the blue “Apps” link.
  3. Click “SNAP.GO Webphone”

  4. Right click on the icon in the very top left corner of the browser pop-up window containing the webphone.
  5. From the context menu, click “Show as tab”

  6. In the Edge window with the new tab, click the Edge browser menu at the top right.
  7. Click “Apps”
  8. Click “Install this site as an app”

  9. After the site is installed as an app, there will be an app icon along the bottom of the screen in the Windows taskbar.
  10. Right click the app icon in the taskbar.
  11. From the context menu, click “Pin to taskbar”

  12. If desired, perform steps 6-11 for the Attendant Console.

Note: When you launch the app for the first time each day, you may be asked to log in. After you log in, you will be directed to the main Hosted PBX page. Close the app and open it again from the taskbar. Now that you are authenticated, the app will open and be ready for use as normal.

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