Print to fax driver – download links and installation instructions

The Zenith Print to Fax driver is a simple Windows application that allows you to send a fax from any Windows program that allows you to print. Installation Instructions Before installing the driver, you will need to create an API Key. This key can be created from the web portal in Settings > API Keys […]

Install SNAP.GO Webphone and/or the Attendant Console as an application in Chrome

After logging into in Chrome, click Hosted PBX on the left. Click the blue “Apps” link. Click “SNAP.GO Webphone” Right click on the icon in the very top left corner of the browser pop-up window containing the webphone. From the context menu, click “Show as tab” In the Chrome window with the new tab, […]

Set Up the Mobile App on your iPhone

Follow these steps to install SNAPmobile on your iPhone. Scan this QR code to download the SNAPmobile app from the Apple App Store Upon first opening the SNAPmobile app, you will be prompted to “Enter Host/ID”. Your Host/ID will always be “mypbx”. The “Login Name” and “Password” is the same username and password you use […]